Benefits of Male Cannabis Plant

The yarn is antibacterial. Fabrics made from yarn can be used in hundreds of places including medical industry.

Cannabis fiber is used as insulation material in constructions.

The canvas is made of a solid board (fibreboard).

Construction bricks are made from natural cement made of cannabis and mixed with water and poured into molds. It is lighter than brick, concrete and more robust. Durable for 600 years.

Soundproof material.


Reduce fuel consumption when you use cannabis as a sealant

Resistant to fire. Houses made of this material are not only healthy but safer.

The marsh is very effective in drying.

It’s a radiation cleaner.

An acre of cannabis produces oxygen as much as 25 acres of forest.

Deeply rooted roots allow soil to be ventilated

It emits oxygen five times as much as a tree.

Because it is more suitable than paper, it protects the forests.

Its seeds are rich in omega complexes and nutritious. The oil of the seed is good for many diseases.

The benefits of cannabis oil

CBD oil from cannabis seeds has many benefits in terms of health. What is the reason why cannabis oil is preferred from skin to hair, what benefits cannabis oil has in it all cilt

Because Cannabis is known as a drug substance among the public, it is forbidden to grow in most countries. In recent years, the health benefits of cannabis oil began to be grown in the country to be released.