7 Statistics to Know about Acceptable Mail order Marijuana and CBD

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Legalize cannabis? The arguments to get an idea

In France, the law on cannabis has not changed since 1970. Some experts and politicians now dare to advocate for decriminalization, or even legalization. Others oppose it categorically. “The Obs” solicited their point of view. When many states have already legalized or decriminalized the use of cannabis, France remains the most repressive country in Europe

A cannabis shop in Chaudière-Appalaches in October

On October 17, as everyone knows, cannabis will be legalized for recreational purposes in Canada. That’s what the whole country learned on June 20th. At present, six locations, where “pot” will be sold, have been confirmed. A shop will be located in Lévis. Residents of Saint-Georges who want to buy cannabis legally must travel about

Canada prepares to legalize recreational cannabis

The government of Justin Trudeau presents this Thursday a bill to legalize cannabis in one year. Canada would become the second country in the world to allow recreational use. Canada has already allowed cannabis for medical purposes since 2001. It would be the first G7 country to allow it for recreational purposes, a legalization that

Using weed or medical marijuana

Harmful effects of using weed or medical marijuana Weed is known for its negative effects on mental health. It is stated that the possibility of developing psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and anxiety is increased and the symptoms are exacerbated in people with bipolar disorder. Suicidal ideation is more common among weed users. In addition,

Benefits of Male Cannabis Plant


The yarn is antibacterial. Fabrics made from yarn can be used in hundreds of places including medical industry. Cannabis fiber is used as insulation material in constructions. The canvas is made of a solid board (fibreboard). Construction bricks are made from natural cement made of cannabis and mixed with water and poured into molds. It